Allen’s First Time

I was 24 at the time,and a senior in college(I was on the slow route). I met a girl who was three years younger at 21. We ended up talking and found out she attended the same high school as me, although we never remember meeting. She was dating two other guys at the time, but I didn’t care. We went out a few times and nothing really happened, but then one Saturday afternoon she called and invited me over to her parents house for they were out of town it was supposedly to study. She must have been extremely horny for within 10 minutes her hand was down my pants rubbing my cock. The pre cum was already flowing. She then asked me if I would lick her pussy. This was my first time for oral sex as well so I jumped at the opportunity. I still remember the wetness, smell,and taste just like it was yesterday. I then asked her to suck my cock. She said as long as I didn’t cum in her mouth. I laid on my back and she got on top for a 69. She then came, but I did not, but that was ok for she was ready to go again. I asked her if I could fuck her. She said sure and she got on hand and knees doggie style. Thankfully she was on the pill. The warmth was incredible as my cock entered her. The wetness covered my dick to point it was almost dripping. I didn’t last long and I came much more and harder than I ever did masturbating. Our relationship lasted about 6 months. I was so happy to be fucking that I didn’t care about her fucking two other guys during the same time. She ended up teaching me alot about positions, oral,and even anal. To be young again.

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